In the process of getting to know Steve “Pre” Fontaine better, we came in contact with many people who knew and loved Pre. It is our honor to share their stories here, and also a little more to further the memory and legend of Pre. If we have missed anyone, please let us know so that we may add their information below.

Books on Steve “Pre” Fontaine

Written by Steve Bence

In “1972,” Nike’s Program Director in Footwear Sourcing and Manufacturing—and an All-American runner at Oregon in the early 1970s—shares about his coach, Bill Bowerman; his friend, Steve Prefontaine; his running career at the UO; and his 40-plus year career at Nike.

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Written by Tom Jordon

The story of America’s greatest running legend. For five years, no American runner could beat him at any distance over a mile. Pre was one of the most influential, accomplished runners of our time. Now more than 20 years later, Pre continues to influence the running world.

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Written by Linda Prefontaine with Bree T Donovan

Steve Prefontaine was better known to the world as simply “Pre”. He was more than an exceptional athlete; he was an exceptional person. This unique story of Pre is specifically written for young people. Rocketman is told through the eyes and voice of Owen Morgan.

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Prefontaine Videos and Websites

Prefontaine Classic

Prefontaine Classics is a sponsored event put on by Nike.

Prefontaine Productions

Website created by Linda Prefontaine to honor her brother ‘Pre,’ and the home of the Tour de Pre.

Prefontaine Memorial Run

Prefontaine Foundation website hosts the annual Prefontaine Memorial Run and scholarships.

Prefontaine on Wikipedia

Learn more about Steve “Pre” Prefontaine through Wikipedia.