After Mike worked with Form 3D Foundry in Portland to enlarge the maquette into a full sized piece made from styrofoam and a small outer layer of clay, it was time for Pre to spend the next year at Mike Leckie’s studio

Mike’s interest in classical sculpture began when he was very young. He is internationally renowned for sculptures that capture the subtle nuances of his subjects. Remaining true to his love of the old masters, and remaining inside the classical lines, Mike creates sculpture that captures the spirit of his subjects.

In this photo, Mike carries the Pre styrofoam and clay basic model to a padded van for transport. (The styrofoam base weighed only ten pounds!) Thus began the yearlong creation process of Pre’s larger-than-life-sized tribute. As Mike Leckie cradled the tribute, his emotions swelled with joy as if he were actually carrying his child. (and it a way, he was.)

It was a profound moment when I held Pre in my arms. He was so vulnerable and innocent, still unformed and waiting for me to rediscover his energy and fighting spirit. When we finally made it home and Pre was set in my studio, I cried. Joy, relief, and excitement washed over me. For the next two years, I did not leave him until I found the Prefontaine of legend standing beside me.

Mike Leckie