Pre was a regular guy and yet strove for the extraordinary. He was loved by people who knew him personally as well as the millions who watched him race.

“He was just like the rest of us, a knucklehead,” he says, chuckling. But he was a friend who did legendary things. “It wasn’t so much about what he did or his times or his place, it was how he went about competing and living his life that inspired people.”

Steve Bence (Author of the book 1972, a story of Pre, UO Track & Nike shoes) quoted by Doug Williams of ESPN.

Mike Leckie also has the sense of camaraderie with Pre since college that has impacted the way he sculpted Pre:

“I have an affinity for Pre, we’re about the same size and I’m six months older. Making his tribute 6′ tall with a 6″ base puts him a head taller than most. I’ve done this, so, as a man of the people, he’s not on a pedestal, but standing at ground level. He won’t get lost in the crowds.”