The art of the Classical Greeks is characterized by joyous freedom of movement and freedom of expression. It celebrates mankind as an independent entity (atomo).

In general, sculpture historically has been a key indicator of cultural achievements; classical sculpture is renowned for its harmony, balance and sense of proportion. Thus, early development in classical sculpture depicted free-flowing movement in expression and anatomy, while maintaining a strict sense of proportion. This stylization provides for the sculpted design, the illusion of moving through space – something utilized well for Pre’s tribute. The anatomy of Pre is exceptional, keeping true to the movement of the runner.

The balance and reflected line inside the body of the sculpture will help pull it into realism. As your eye moves over the piece it tells your brain – real human.

In fact, two different dogs, at different times, have barked at the sculpture. They recognized it as human and were upset that he wasn’t moving. It’s unnatural to be that still, something’s wrong here!

Mike Leckie