It must have been a surprising sight for those traveling south from Portland to Eugene. The Prefontaine Bronze took a truck ride to the amusement and cheers of passing drivers. The Pre tribute will have a month’s stay at the 5th Street Market Alleyway (appropriately next to the Nike Store) during the Butte to Butte race and also the World Athletic Championship. Visit the Bronze while it is available for public viewing from June 30 – July 30.

It was a humbling experience as we drove down the I-5 freeway to cheers of “Go Pre!”.  On the drive we stopped at a national park to let Lilly, my dog, stretch her legs.  A park ranger stopped us and asked if the bronze was made by the Tom McCall sculpture in Salem.  At first I was surprised and then quite pleased that my tribute was immediately recognizable and honored by the connection. I look forward to sharing this joyous sculpture with the public

Mike Leckie

What happens with the bronze next? A permanent public placement for Pre may take time. This provides the perfect opportunity for the Bronze to follow in Pre’s footsteps to challenge and inspire. Sculptor Mike Leckie is providing his statue to be used to inspire Oregon youth. Learn more at to see how you can invite Pre to your school. PREFONTAINE COINS AVAILABLE HERE.