Mike Leckie’s desire and personal commitment to sculpt Pre’s Tribute began the week that Pre died. Now, nearly 50-years later, the commitment he made is almost fully realized, and that brings him great satisfaction.

So many images of Pre are when he was young – mostly from the time of a 1970 Sports Illustrated magazine. I wanted to sculpt him as he was entering his prime. The Pre Tribute is not the fresh face of a 17-year-old, but rather an older, maturing 24-year-old Pre. One that holds an ethereal wisdom that now truly belongs to him.

Mike Leckie

In this photo one can see the concentration in Pre’s furrowed brow. His body is taking shape, resembling the wiry strength of the man himself. The process of sculpting Pre is a labor of love. Mike set aside all other work to focus on Pre’s Tribute. It’s what Pre deserves.