The 3-D laser image of the Prefontaine’s Maquette was used to create the structural foundation of the larger-than-life sculpture. It was also used to cut proportional lines of the Maquette into a special styrofoam. This allows for the large sculpture to scale without tremendous weight, so the artist can more easily work on the larger piece.

The maquette was sculpted by hand but also required support from a wire armature. The Maquette, both the armature and clay, was shaped entirely from the artist’s hand. As the surface of the large piece, with all of its details ,was sculpted entirely by hand.

The uncompromising drive of Pre inspired me, drove me forward. In the past two years, as I sculpted this international icon, who in his short life captured the hearts of generations, my admiration for what he accomplished intensified. I feel I captured the essence and spirit of the great Steve Prefontaine.

It is with a legend like “Pre” that we realize that our greatest talents reside in our own spirit of resilience, dedication, and perseverance.

Mike Leckie